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world without words



Original:     by  Cadsu

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阿呆鍋 Aho Nabe | Uchouten Kazoku Fanbook Pre-Order
 25 Artist | 40 Full-Color Pages | 6 inch x 9 inch  | Perfect Bound 

Thank you so much for your patience! I’m pleased to announce that preorders are now open for Aho Nabe! ”Idiot Hotpot” is a fanbook that celebrates the series, Uchouten Kazoku (The Eccentric Family), through illustrations and comics! All orders include a prism bookmark, those who order the limited "Nabe Bundle" will receive a sticker sheet + wooden charm along with a prism bookmark.

Pre-orders will be open until October 10th, 10:00pm PST. You can pre-order either the ◇ BOOK ONLY ◇ or the ◇ NABE BUNDLE ◇ here!

"A manifestation of our idiot blood!"

I drew a couple things in here! Please pre-order or watch it if you haven’t seen it before!


The actual real roster for smash 4, I know because I have 3 dads who work at sakurai, any other images said to be from the game are either photoshopped or blurry, if you squint at the duck hunt dog it is actually sonic

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Namco Museum games on PS Vita today ⊟

If you haven’t checked out the PSOne Namco Museum collections and you like old-game collections, you are in for a treat. The five-volume set doesn’t have many games per volume— five-ish — but each one is accompanied by a virtual gallery of concept art and other associated material, that you wander through like a museum.

They also have cool games you may not have played, like Bosconian, Metro-Cross, and Legend of the Valkyrie! All five volumes launch on PSN today, playable on PS3 and Vita. Images via MobyGames.

BUY PS Vita1-year PS Plus membershipupcoming games

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I love this dumb look on Sonic’s face I love it so much





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this beauty just had to be a GIF.

found in this video

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A variant cover and some of my interior page work on DMC #1, shipping in October, 2014.

Also in this anthology:

Story: Damion Scott
Story/Consultant: Ron Wimberly
Cover: Sal Buscema & Bob Wiacek
Character Design: Shawna Mills
Graffit: MARE 139
Art: Jeff Stokely, Chase Conley, Mike & Mark Davis (Madtwiinz), Shawn Crystal, Chris Sotomayor, Felipe Smith


i realise a lot of people on tumlr don’t follow sports/particularly the nfl and that means a lot of people on tumlr have no reason to know that the San Diego Chargers’ mascot is this horrible being named Boltman that i am increasingly sure is @dril’s physical form

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Anonymous said: You know I wasn't sure I agreed with you when you said ban anime but then today in my film class a guy compared a guy in some anime show to Robert De Niro's character in Raging Bull and then said that the De Niro/Scorsese period was overrated so yeah fuck anime, ban anime.


It is now illegal

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